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Curriculum Forms
Curriculum Forms



Curriculum changes (the creation of, deletion of, or change to a new or existing course or degree or certificate) may be initiated by any faculty member who teaches in the division for which the curriculum change is being requested, the division chair, or the Dean of Instruction.


All such changes must go through the Curriculum Work Flow process at the UNM Main Campus, which is overseen by the Registrar’s Office. The process starts with the faculty member who wishes to initiate a curricular change consulting with his or her division chair. Once consensus is reached, the Valencia Campus Curriculum Committee must approve any proposals before they go forward in the UNM Curriculum Work Flow process. All changes must have an accompanying form that is routed through the process. Possible forms are:

Form A – Change an Existing Course

Form B – New Course Request

Form C – Degree or Program Change (Form C is used for both changes to existing programs and to initiate a new program. A program can be a graduate or undergraduate degree, major, minor, concentration, emphasis or transcripted certificate.)

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The Valencia Campus Curriculum Committee will guide the form through the process. Once all levels at Valencia have approved a form (including the Division Chair, Curriculum Committee and Dean of Instruction), it must be approved by all levels on the Curriculum Work Flow process. The total process can take anywhere from six months to a year to complete.

More information on the Valencia Campus Curriculum Committee may be found here: http://vic.unm.edu/commttees.html#Curriculum_Committee