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Structure and Membership



 The Instructional Council is an advisory board to the Dean of Instruction in all matters that pertain to instruction.  It is also a forum for the exchange of information.  All major decisions, including schedules and the instructional budget, are made by the Instructional Council in conjunction with the Faculty Assembly through the shared governance process.

The Instructional Council is composed, mostly, of supervisors within the instructional area.  To be more specific, the following are the IC members (in alphabetical order of the individuals, along with a direct link to their email, and their positions):

  • John Abrams, jeabrams@unm.edu,  925.8911, Manager, Computer Support Services

  • Margaret Anaya, murtiaga@unm.edu, A112, 925.8602, Unit Administrator I, Academic Affairs Office

  • Rosa Auletta, rauletta@unm.edu, L133A, 925.8546, Division Manager, Transitional Studies and Education

  • Claudia Barreto, barr@unm.edu, H100A, 925.8726, Program Coordinator, Biology

  • Michael Brown, mbrowngame@unm.edu, L138, 925.8554, Coordinator, Teaching and Learning Center

  • Michael Ceschiat, ceschiat@unm.edu, B104C, 925.8712, Division Chair, Business, Technology and Fine Arts

  • Cindy Chávez, c2chavez@unm.edu, B126, 925.8706, Program Coordinator, Business

  • Miriam Chávez, mjchavez@unm.edu, H100B, 925.8613,Division Chair for Mathematics, Engineering and Science, Engineering and Science Division

  • Julie DePree, jdepree@unm.edu, A142C, 925.8607, Division Chair for Mathematics, Engineering and Science Division, Mathematics Division

  • Lucille Farrington, lfarring@unm.edu, L116, 925.8931, Program Coordinator, The Learning Center

  • Patricia Gillikin, gillikin@unm.edu, A142F, 925.8609, Writing Center Director

  • Danizete Martinez, danizete@unm.edu , A142B, 925.8728, Division Chair, Communication, Humanities, English & Social Sciences (CHESS)

  • Dianna Johnston, dmjohnston@unm.edu ,S110, 925.8873, Program Manager, Nursing Program

  • Sarah Garde, sgarde@unm.edu, L172, 925.8912, Program Coordinator, Developmental Math

  • Rita Logan, rlogan@unm.edu, S228, 925.8971, Manager, Community Education

  • Barbara Lovato, bllovato@unm.edu, L150, 925.8991, Manager, Library

  • Kristina Martinez, krismart@unm.edu, Ad122, 925.8512, Director, Title V STEM

  • Laura Musselwhite,  lmusselwhite@unm.edu, A114, 925.8601, Dean of Instruction

  • Tina Newby, tinan@unm.edu, L118, 925.8920, Program Manager, Adult Education Center

  • ,,The Wellness Center, 925.8833, Program Manager, Fitness & Wellness Education Center

  • Julia So, juliaso@unm.edu, 925.8567, Program Coordinator, Social Sciences

  • Heather Wood, hdwood@unm.edu, 925.8514, Faculty President